James F. Imel, Professional Corporation
About the Firm: your business makes money by stripping out unnecessary taxes,
getting consistent reports for you and the bank, finding venture capital and staying ahead of
regulations.  26 yrs. in Oklahoma, from the farm to factory or international audit, this is what
James F. Imel, P. C. does.  The firm sponsors continuing education courses for other CPAs;
practices tax, accounting and auditing; and engages in personnel, marketing, strategy and
operations tactics as an outside controller.  It's "Industry Accounting in Public Accounting.".  
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Mail to: 1010 Montreal Drive, Yukon, OK 73099-5453.

James F. Imel, P. C., 1010 Montreal Dr, Yukon, Oklahoma 73099-5453
Office: 405-324-5511 Mobile: 405-503-1532
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