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Legal Support & Lawsuit
Testimony for damages, torts, probate, guardianship, divorce
and the like is an area where adverse parties will be found.
The data to be reviewed will be incomplete, and its integrity an
issue itself before the case can proceed.  Communication to
attorneys, judges and juries is similar to a classroom, with few
parties understanding technical issues absent help.  Business
valuations seldom follow a predetermined formula and are
made based on the facts.

Matters like
estates and trusts don’t often cross a person in
life, but when they do it can be an unforgettable trauma.
Emotions run high and lives in addition to assets may be at
stake.  Using these circumstances as a tool can provide
equally unique results.

Owner and/or
management succession planning is something
American’s don’t do very well. Only 25% of businesses survive
successfully into the 2nd generation. These are long term
plans to be effective.

bankruptcy results in a newly created estate: for the benefit
of creditors.  Very unique rules require careful consideration
to avoid post petition disaster.

Lawsuit management is a new area for CPA’s.  A lawsuit is
often a financial project.  The CPA helps the client monitor the
case and guide it on an effective path.   A few blocks from the
courthouse and the IRS, our office is convenient for filings,
brief testimony and may be used by attorneys as needed.  
Expert matters                                           $145/hr.
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