Continuing Professional
Satisfy State Ethics Requirements
2 hrs. CPE
Ethics 201 - "Hearing His Voice at the Firm,"

Program Content:  The course explains the relationship between God’s nature and how He communicates; how to
recognize His voice; methods and examples of communication; why God desires communication with the firm; the
principle of discernment; and explains the impact of God’s involvement with the firm includes a higher compliance rate
with the “AICPA Code of Professional Conduct” (the “Code”).
Program Level:  Intermediate
Prerequisites/Materials:  Ethics 101 © Creative Pro Ed; a Bible.
Learning Objectives:  at the conclusion of the course, the participant will understand a) how God’s nature explains how
He communicates, b) places to look for communication, c) the reason for communication with the firm, d) the need and
means to determine real communication, e) examples of His voice and F) that increased compliance with the Code will
result from hearing His voice.
Delivery Method:  Self Study, 2mb text and audio, requires WinXP & Acrobat 7.0, download @
CPE Credits Earned:  (2) based on 50-min hr.
Final Exam:  10 question exam; online grading only.  Certificates returned by email with 70% score.
Price:  $22.95 (limited time introductory offer). Pay online and download.
About the Author:  Fred Imel has practiced as a CPA from the farm to international audit for 25 years. He also serves
as an adjunct college instructor and member of the Oklahoma Society of CPA’s media pool, frequently appearing on
radio, TV and as a speaker for public service events. His column ran in the Black Economic Times (Dallas, OKC) and
now appears in professional journals and online as “The Literate Voter.” He won the Accounting Award at the University
of Oklahoma and serves Oklahoma County District Courts on appointment. He authored HB1716, the Oklahoma Film &
Music Reinvestment Credit in 2005
and HB2793, Technical Corrections to the Reinvestment Credit in 2006.  A frequent
volunteer for youth career day events, Mr. Imel also authors radio dramas and screenplays, and is a partner in a Christian
entertainment project. He has attended churches of many denominations and been a prison ministry volunteer. His firm,
James F. Imel, P. C., is located in Yukon
and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
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* In accordance with Standards of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs CPE credits have been granted based on a 50-minute hour. Permit holders are
responsible for compliance with all applicable CPE requirements, rules, and regulations of state licensing bodies, other governmental entities, membership associations, and
other professional organizations or bodies.  They should contact each appropriate entity to which they report to determine its specific requirements.
James F. Imel, P. C., P. O. Box 852045, Yukon, Oklahoma 73085-2045

Ethics 101 - "AICPA Code of Professional Conduct & the Bible,"
Program Content:  The course explains various sources of professional ethics; how the AICPA
Code of Professional Conduct (the "Code") can be used with the Bible to achieve higher rates
of compliance. Includes audio introduction read by the author.
Program level:  basic
Rerequisites/Materials:  basis Bible knowledge; a Bible
Learning Objectives:  a) the sources of state, national, international & generic professional ethics; b) links between the
Code and Bible ethics; c) Biblical principles behind actions taken on ethical matters; d) activities that can inhibit
compliance with ethical standards; and e) understand how to make changes that will enhance compliance with ethical
Delivery Method:  Self Study, 5mb text & audio, requires WinXP & Acrobat 13mb, download @
CPE Credits Earned:  (2) based on 50-min hr.
Final Exam:  10 question exam, online grading only.  Certificates returned by email with 70% score.  
Price:  $22.95 (limited time introductory offer). Pay online and download.

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