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Industry Accounting in Public Accounting
The income tax return process is now automated, which
means a form is filled out.  Anyone can do that for you, but
accumulation of data according to the method of business
organization, and working that data into a tax strategy
properly reported to the government remains our job.  

choice of business entity can produce large tax savings
and retirement income benefits, at no increase in cost or
cost you dearly.  Tax strategies change with every new tax
bill.  Major tax bills were passed in 1980, 1986, 1997, 2001 and

Franchise, personal property, excise, sales, tourism and
myriads of other tax matters can be handled by this firm or
the client as desired.

There are lots of types of
audits.  All mean someone will look
at your records. The IRS does audits, primarily to determine
the correct tax when certain key indicators (
red flags)
indicate a problem. Some flags are preventable.  he
Oklahoma Tax Commission, other states and cities are
becoming more active auditors.

Internal operational audits (non financial) are really efficiency
studies for the complex office.  Court ordered audits happen
for a variety of reasons too.  Audits for business partners,
where not all the partners are active in cash management,
are often a good idea.

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