James F. Imel, Professional Corporation    
Outside Controller Service
The Controller safeguards the assets and information of a
company.  The bookkeeping and accounting are his
responsibility certainly, but internal controls are needed to
prevent problems.  Every entity needs controls, from the local
PTA to $15M manufacturer.  An outsourced controller is
responsible for every activity on this site.

Growing companies save money by using a contract controller
that performs agreed portions of an in-house position.  
Books, taxes, budgeting, r&d, strategy, market study and
business plans are all covered by staying current on changes
in the law.  The news is full of large companies with bad
internal procedures.  Small companies need good controls
also, but in amounts that are reasonable given the size of the

Corporate governance is included in this.  Stockholder
minutes are drafted with the client in light of business and tax

New entities are created as needed.  
Corporations & limited
liability companies
are designed to accomplish business
goals.  Often, the current fad (LLC) is not a good idea.  Articles
of Organization, Operating Agreements and associated
documents, forms and tax elections are drafted by the firm.   
Attorneys review as desired.
Financial Review & Analysis                    $145/hr.
Fixed Fee arrangements                          quote

References in your industry are available on
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