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Accounting systems are cheaper now because of off-the-
shelf software; a $300 package does more than most
owner operated businesses will ever need.  However, off-
the-shelf software manuals recommend that installation be
handled by a seasoned CPA.  Why?

It’s a good idea.  The books reflect key decisions made in
entity selection, tax planning and reporting.  Getting them
right from the onset is important.  It will either save/make  
you money or vastly confuse people.  Books should be
reviewed annually too.  Laws change.

You can keep books we supervise or we can do it all.  
Some owners need time with customers, not reports. The
firm fills the need you want.

A complete bookkeeping service isn't costly. Computers
are fast.  "Books" includes financial statements, payroll  
reporting, general ledger, and bank reconciliations at a
minimum. Monthly fees are reasonable and usually less
than $100 per month.  Sometimes, a lot less.  
Contact us.
Bookkeeping, routine                $105/hr.
(usually < 1 hr)
Fixed monthly rates are              quote

References in your industry are available on request.
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