James F. Imel, Professional Corporation   
Creative Economic Solutions
in Business Development
Motion Pictures
Consulting                                        $145/hr.
New corporations                              350 flat
New LLC's                                           650 flat
Annual Meeting/Minutes                    95/quote

The firm will consider an ownership interest in lieu of fees.

References in your industry are provided on request.
James F. Imel, P. C., P. O. Box 82045, Yukon, Oklahoma 73085-2045


The firm will assist, consult or partner in venture capital
projects.  HOT PROJECTS under way are:

Motion Pictures - entertainment development in Oklahoma.  
CrazyFish Films  produces edgy Christian comedies for TV &
theatrical release.  Play a 90 sec.
audio clip highlighting the
HB 1716, an innovative Oklahoma Film Reinvestment
Tax Credit introduced by the firm. Enacted effective 01/01/05.  
The Credit is being enhanced by HB 2793 currently considered
in the 2006 Session.  

Renew Project - research and development in the secondary
mortgage market.

What is a Business Plan?
The business plan unfortunately remains a loosely defined
document.  No profession or industry has established
standards, yet commonalities exist.  Whether called a model,  
plan or something else, it is a document prepared in part to
get access to money.  That can mean a loan, investor or grant.  
An SBA loan may be part of the plan, but is only a government
guarantee after qualifying.  You’ll need the plan to qualify.  
You’ll need it for other purposes also.

A good plan will contain a narrative of the concept, its
strengths, weaknesses, a marketing plan and a financial
forecast including cash flow.  Addressing weaknesses is vital.  
It is primary data on the entrepreneur’s talent.

You need a plan for yourself.  Although money is a business
plan target, creative ideas benefit from its disciplined
process, which can seem desperately slow after glimpsing the
vision of a wonderful idea.  But, it is an equally wonderful way
to control creativity into production.  

A good business plan format is available from us.

Loan, escrow, and fund raising negotiation can be provided on
expert levels.

Guest Column, "Oklahoman"
See Mr. Imel's "Encourage Entrepreneurship" reprinted with
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